Ihada Cutlery

Product Description

An artisanal cutlery collection from Futagami foundry in Japan. The cutleries features casted solid brass handles with silver-plated antibaterical mouthpieces. the collection consists of eleven different pieces. Each pieces is individually casted, plated, and polished by hand. The entire production processes take much longer than that of conventional stainless steel cutleries which are usually cut out from a metal sheet in multiple numbers at once. 

Brass would gradually develop a patina due to oxidization, which can be easly removed with brass polish when desired. 

Each piece is packaged individually in a paper box. 





Material: Lead-free Brass and Silver Plating
Muddler/Jam Spoon: L20.3 x W1.6 cm
Spice Spoon: L10 x W1 cm
Butter Knife: L18.9 x W1.6 cm
Soup Spoon: L13.0 x W4.3 cm
Large Spoon: L19.0 x W3.6 cm
Medium Spoon: L14.0 x W2.5 cm
Teaspoon: L13.0 x W2.5 cm
Dinner Fork: L19.0 x W2.4 cm
Dessert Fork: L14.5 x W1.6 cm
Small Fork: L13.3 x W1.3 cm
Dinner Knife: L20.6 x W1.7 cm
Designer: Oji Masanori
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