Misfits Sofa

Product Description

Misfits is an fully upholstered modular seating system consisting of six different modules. Each module is a sculpture on its own, and can be combined and arranged in a number of different ways. when together, they create dramatic sinuous curves that project undulating movements and provide maximum comfort. Each module is sold separately and availabe in a wide range of colours. The collection is produced, due to the special nature of the shapes, in wool only. The MISFITS collection covers are not removable.


Injected flame-retardant foam over internal steel frame.
Feet screwed to the frame, in black polypropylene.
H98 X W400 X D100 cm, 150KG, 4CBM (sofa)
H36 X W100 X D100 cm, 15KG, 0.5CBM (pouf1)
H43 X W100 X D100 cm, 15KG, 0.5CBM (pouf2)
Designer: Ron Arad
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