Wa Wa T, F and W Lamps

Product Description

“I was at the Frankfurt Trade Fair, presenting my new collection developed using LED circuits. I saw a Japanese lady pointing at my lamps and repeatedly saying “wa wa”. I went towards her and when I curiously asked her the reason, she told me “wa” meant “perfect”. I was touched and thanked her; I looked at the lamp, which was still nameless, and decided to call it “Wa Wa”, recounts Enzo Catlellani. . 

The Wa Wa lamp may seem extremly minimalist when it's off; made of very sleek and low profile metal components. each light source is made of a single 1W LED diode behind a glassl lens on a slim flexible copper tube.  when you turn the lamp on, the Wa Wa gives an extremely rich and dramatric lighting effect; offering a beautiful combinatoin of ligth and shadow on any nearby surfaces.

The Wa Wa lamp is available in three versions: for table, floor or wall.  Entirely handcrafted in Italy. 



Materials: Brass base & structure/ copper sticks/ glass lens or Nickel-plated metal base & structure/ nickel-plated copper sticks/ glass lens
Light: interchangeable LED 5x1W / rated output 5W 350mA / energy class A+ / lumen 500 / K2700 / CRI 80
Power: 110-240V* supply with floor dimmer.
Dimensions: base (brass version) 16×16 cm, base (nickel version) 20×20 cm, H 190 cm, lenses Ø 32 mm
Designer: Enzo Catellani
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