Salon 10

About the project

Salon No.10 is a private member’s salon—a gathering place for the city’s creative professionals, connoisseurs, international entrepreneurs and discerning travelers. set within the clamor of Central Hong Kong. Passing through the massive, hatch-like front door, one feels as if one has entered another space and time. The noise and traffic of Arbuthnot Road, visible through the window, seems distant and unreal, as if one has dropped twenty fathoms under the sea on a timeless subterranean journey to a far away place. 

About the designer

Ahlaiya Yung

Ahlaiya Yung is the founder and creative director of Metasus, Missing Sock Studio, Salon 10 and Studio 9.

Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch is an architect in private practice in New York City and Beijing. In 1995 he began collaborating with Ahlaiya Yung