Ahlaiya Yung

Ahlaiya Yung is the founder and creative director of Metasus, Missing Sock Studio, Salon No.10 and Studio 9 in Hong Kong. He was origiinally trained as a fashon designer at Rhode Island School of Design and St. Martin’s College of Design. After dropping out of college, he started several boutique fashion brands in London with partner Nana Aganovich. Together, they created 10 collections in London. The collections were sold in some of the top international multi-brand stores in the UK, Japan, US, Denmark and Iceland. One of the labels, Aganovich and Yung, achieved critical acclaim during London fashion week in 2006 and 2007. 

Ahlaiya eventually fell out of love with the relentless cycles of the fashion industry after suffering a burnout. He then turned his attention to interior design and discovered his true calling in the world of interior design and artisnal crafts 

As an interior designer, Ahlaiya has worked in partnership with Architect Peter Lynch for about 15 years on many small but labour intensive interior projects such as private villas, restaurants, bars and a member's club in in Hong Kong and China.  All of these projects have achieved critical acclaim.  Ahlaiya directed and co-designed Salon No.10, an exclusive creative member's salon in Hong Kong where the city's creative and cultural elite meet to mingle. 

Through experiences with a number of businesses in F&B, and from his passion for cutting edge design, music and nightlife, Ahlaiya has gained professional insight into, and extensive understanding of social and entertainment enviroments and the anthropocentric nature of the hospitality industry. This knowledge, combined with his deep appreciation for art, design, innovation, and fine craftsmanship, is the cornerstone of his eclectic vision.