Kaikado Tin Coffee Caddies

Product Description

Artisanal coffee caddies materfully handcrafted by century old Kaikado in Kyoto. Kaikado's metal craftsmanship is considered a cultural heritage in Japan. Each caddy is constructed of two layers; an inner layer of tin and an outer layer of tin, brass or copper. This provides a completely airtight condition to keep coffee fresh and dry. 

A beautiful patina on the outer layer will develop over time, which is appreciated as part of the charm of the material. But one always has the option of keeping it shiny like new with a gentle polish.  

These coffee caddies can be repaired even if they are dented or distorted.  They can be passed down from generation to generation because of the traditional hand making techniques being preserved and practiced.  

A brass measuring scoop is included inside. Comes with conventional type of inner lid.  


100G: D9.2 x H14.4 cm (coffee beans)
200G: D11 x H16 cm (coffee beans)
300G: D11 x H21.5 cm (coffee beans)
200G (wide): D9.2 x H11.4 cm (grinded coffee)
Designer: Kaikado
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