Narciso Rug

Product Description

Narciso is part of Tacchini Edizioni designer rug collecrion designed by Umberto Riva. It draws inspiration from the picture of the same name, painted in 1994 by the famous architect and designer, who has always had a secret passion for pictorial art. Narciso rug interweaves geometries and colours in an abstract image of subtle elegance, in delicate pastel tones that seem to portray a contemplation of beauty and its value, a reflection of truth and illusion. Narciso is entirely hand-knotted in Nepal, according to a complex, ancient oriental wool-knotting process. It is made of 100% Himalayan wool, a naturally robust and rugged material due to the high concentration of lanolin found in every fibre, thus guaranteeing the long-term durability of the rug. A work of contemporary art, perfectly combining pictorial art, design and craftsmanship.


Materials: 100% Himalayan wool
Dimensions: W300 x D230 cm
Hand-knotted in Nepal
Designer: Umberto Riva
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