Casa Tabarelli

About the project

Hidden in the slopes of the vineyard village of Cornaiano near Bolzano, Italy is Casa Tabarelli, a modernist masterpiece designed in 1968 by Carlo Scarpa and Sergio Los for the Tabarelli family. The spacious interior is dominated by a colorful abstract ceiling that creates rooms with varying ceiling heights. Many of the masterful works within the house combine art and function, such as the entrance gate made from orthogonal metal rods, the steel abstract kinetic sculpture, and the sliding wall with painted geometry and hinged panels. 

About the designer

Carlo Scarpa

Carlo Scarpa was a pioneering, timeless and transformative architect, designer and artist whose compact but powerful body of work he left behind, including minimalist furnishings and incomparable glassworks, remains as striking in its subversive simplicity as when he first made it.