Villa for an Industrialist

About the project

House for an Industrialist, Shenzhen, 2009. This interior renovation of a 700 m² villa embodies new ideas about craft, geometry, and ornament. Installations on the ceilings, floors, and walls are built up of custom-fabricated repetitive elements: sculptural ceramic tiles, anodized aluminum branches, lacquered hardwood spindles, marble floor tiles, woven rattan panels… hundreds of these elements are arranged in non-repetitive patterns. The visitor's experience unfolds musically as he or she explores the space. One theme that emerges is the dome: from the entry vestibule to the most private spaces, various types of domes are encountered. One goal of the project was to demonstrate the high skill level of Chinese craftspeople.

About the designer

Ahlaiya Yung

Ahlaiya Yung is the founder and creative director of Metasus, Missing Sock Studio, Salon 10 and Studio 9.

Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch is an architect in private practice in New York City and Beijing. In 1995 he began collaborating with Ahlaiya Yung