Every day we become increasingly aware of how the buying choices we make have a beneficial or potentially devastating effect on the well-being of our societies and our planet. How can we, as responsible citizens, ensure that our choices promote a sustainable future, while at the same time satisfying our senses of taste and style and raising our quality of living ?
Meta, in Greek, means “beside” or “beyond”. At Metasus Showroom we reach beyond the fashionable slogans of sustainable design to a broader and more profound vision of sustainability that respects the rich history of cultures, the diversity of nature, and the cutting edge of creative design and fabrication techniques. We believe that carefully designed products that embody high levels of craftsmanship and durability and convey timeless aesthetics are much more likely to be valued and treasured than disposed of or replaced.
Guided by this conviction, along with a painstaking research and selection process, Metasus Showroom has curated a collection of the most beautiful and original products from around the world. These products are crafted to last for generations; are designed with love, timeless aesthetics, and high functionality; and embody rich cultural values.



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